Website rebranding without the cost of a new one

How to change an organisation's name and domain and rebrand a website without losing Google ranking. Website rebranding could be a cost-saving alternative to investing in a new website.
website rebranding

What do we mean by website rebranding?

We identify these types of website rebranding:

  1. Visual rebranding involves changing the organisation’s name, domain name, and website visual elements, such as the logo, colours, typography, and imagery.
  2. Content rebranding: Updating the content on your website to reflect your brand’s message and values better. It may include rewriting copy, adding new pages, or updating existing content but keeping the visual elements.
  3. Structural rebranding Involves changing the structure and functionality of your website. This may include updating the navigation, adding new features, and improving the user experience.


This article describes Visual rebranding and changing the name and domain name, too.


Website rebranding without losing Google ranking.

Have you changed your logo and branding lately? Are you considering changing the organisation name but unsure how that may affect Google’s ranking?

If so, we can help give your website a fresh look without the cost implications of investing in a whole new website.

We can take your existing website, which you have already invested time, effort, and funds into creating. We’ll give it a makeover with your new branding. All that without losing SEO, even if the rebranding includes changing the organisation’s name and domain name.


Why choose us for website rebrand?

  • Affordable: Get a brand-new look for your website without the high cost of building a new one. Your website will have all the benefits of new branding, including a new name, logo, colours, fonts, and domain, without breaking the bank.
  • Google Rankings: If you change your organisation’s name, you might need a new domain. We follow our tested procedure to ensure your website keeps its Google ranking. Using our rebranding experience, we will redirect pages indexed by Google to your updated website with the new domain name.
  • Accessible to Everyone: We ensure your refreshed website follows the latest accessibility recommendations. Improved web accessibility helps visitors navigate your new site and improves SEO (search engine optimisation).


Our recent website rebranding projects.

Thames Valley Partnership (TVP) rebranded to Hope After Harm.

We helped TVP in 2017 by combining three microsites into one locally recognisable name. Now, TVP delivers projects to communities in the whole UK. The ‘Thames Valley’ name was not helping them with reaching further. TVP procured new branding and changed the name. We helped them by rebranding the existing website, which already served a great purpose. During the rebranding, the old website remained available to visitors. We managed to preserve their Google ranking after the switch.

See the Hope after Harm website rebranding case study here.

 Chiltern MS Center became Chiltern Neuro Centre (CNC) in 2023. We designed and built the website for the Chiltern MS Center in 2016. The website ranked high on many local searches related to Multiple Sclerosis. After the lockdown, Chiltern MS diversified its offer, and the name was limiting. We offered them website rebranding as an option that would not require a new web design budget that was strained during the lockdown. Our website rebrand service helped CNC reach a broader audience without losing their Google ranking.

See the Chiltern Neuro Centre website rebranding case study here.

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