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You have decided that your organisation needs a new website. Whilst this can be an exciting time, you may not know where to start. We can help
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You have decided that your organisation needs a new website. Whilst this can be an exciting time, you may not know where to start.

In order to help take away the stress of not knowing what to do next for your new website, we have created this post to show our process of web design and development.

While every project is different and actual journeys can differ, here is our process of a typical website project.

Stage 1

Initial Meeting

After reaching out to us and telling us that you would like a website, we will arrange a time and date convenient to you to discuss your needs. This meeting can be over the phone, via a digital platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom or we can welcome you to our office at Bucks Digital Hub in Aylesbury.

During this meeting, we will discuss such things as:

  • What message you would like your website to portray?
  • What branding you have established or have in mind (such as colours, logo etc)?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What functionality do you require (such as an online shop, a booking system, a calendar for example)?
  • What is the ideal Call to Action, what would you like the visitor to do on your website (buy a product, sign up to a newsletter, complete a contact form, for example)

These are just some of the questions we will ask in order to help establish your needs and requirements for your brand-new website.

Using this information, we will write a personalised proposal and an itemised quotation for you telling you exactly what we will do and lay out the cost in a transparent manner.

At this stage you can review, ask questions and potentially amend either the proposal or quotation to ensure that it meets your specific needs for your organisation.

Stage 2

Project Planning and Design

Once you have accepted the proposal and quotation, the next stage will be to organise a meeting to discuss the project plan.

During his meeting, we will review the question from the first meeting and elaborate on some elements in order to help inform the design and layout. We will also show you the journey and timeline of your project, including the timeline and key touchpoints.

Using the information discussed in the meeting, we will create a flat concept design of what your website will look like. This will be a non-functional, static graphic, designed to show you the layout, colours and feel of your website. We will present this to you, and, upon approval, we will begin building your brand-new website.

Stage 3


Once you have approved the concept design, we will start to build your website, incorporating any feedback that you will have provided during the previous meeting.

During this process, we will request the previously agreed content required from you (such as copy and images) so we can incorporate this as your website is being built. We do this at this stage as the content can sometimes dictate design elements, so we try to do this in tandem with the build.

Once the website is around 80% complete, we will present it to you and share a preview link to browse in your own time. It is at this stage where you will give your final approval and we will complete the remaining elements.

Stage 4

Handover and Launch

Once the website is ready, we will arrange a meeting where we will hand over your username and password for your new website. We will also give you some light training on how to add posts and content to your site, giving you the confidence to edit your site how you see fit.

Should you require additional training and support, we do have support packages available.

Then your new website will launch into the world, ready to greet your new visitors!

We would love to help you with your new or existing website needs. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

Mike Gulliver

Business Development Manager

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