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Always keen to keep developing my skills, I recently signed up to learn about the basics of HTML & CSS for WordPress. My purpose was to build my knowledge and confidence, so I could offer our customers more design options and customisation.

When you start learning to code, it is an entirely different language; every element, rule, or attribute you write has a specific name or value. However, with experience as a web designer, I wasn’t starting from scratch. I have come across many terms and used a very little bit of basic HTML & CSS.

Once you get your head around it, coding is quite logical and I have a naturally logical mind, so that helped me understand the rules and methods easily. I can combine this with my creative flair to produce visually appealing and fully functional elements on web pages.

The pace and content level of the course was perfect for my skill level and the resources provided will be helpful for future reference. I know I’ll need to look back and remind myself of some things! The resources also provide a way to further improve my knowledge, as they extend beyond the scope of the course.

So, I passed the course and have already been able to put my learning (HTML, CSS, and certain tools) to use. It is paying off, as I have more flexibility in how to fulfil clients’ requests.

Sometimes, when you have lots of work to do, you feel there isn’t time to go and study, however, I recommend it. Time for personal development is a great use of time. It can make things easier in the future and improve confidence. I now have more ways to contribute to Framework Digital design projects, which feels great!

What learning would help you enhance your skills?


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