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With filters, ISO consultant profiles and contact links, it is now possible for business owners to find and get in touch with the best person for their requirements. The system simplifies the process for consultants, enabling them to respond efficiently to leads. We also set up a Google Ad campaign to promote and direct targeted people to the new website.
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Project brief

To build a customised, turn-key solution that would help business owners find ISO consultants. The website had to include individual, editable, consultant profiles, and a range of search filters. Integration to a CRM system was also necessary to enable consultants to receive and respond to enquiries, as well as provide invoices and quotations with ease.


The challenge

This was a technical website, with a high volume of business and sales requirements. As no suitable platform exists to meet the specifications of the brief, we had to plan and develop a tailored solution.

Many ISO consultants would be relying on the platform to generate leads and to operate efficiently when processing information, so it had to be reliable and effective. The site manager also requested integrated stats collation and reporting. We have worked on another website for this customer, so there was trust in our ability to deliver.


The solution

We developed a search platform that fulfilled all the requirements outlined in the initial specification. The new website looks simple and is easy to navigate. Filters on ISO Standard, Service and UK Location help business owners to find the best consultant for their requirements. Behind the scenes, the technical system helps to streamline processes and aids site management.

As this is a new and unknown site, we advised the owner to run a small Google Ads campaign to promote its availability.


Initial feedback:

“Very happy with the resulting website. Looks, functionality, ease of use and initial results are all good – it has already started to pay for itself as well. I enjoy working with Tomas as he not only ensures that the project is clear to all parties but then does what he says. He also has the very helpful abilty to thrown in questions around how proposed ideas might work better – very useful to help adding another’s perspective. I am looking forward to using him and his team for the next development too.” – Carl Kruger, Qualitation

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