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Move to Improve is a microsite that provides information on how to encourage physical activity in young children. To meet the project goal, we managed their hosting, digital media content, website design and development.
Move to Improve web page

Our Client 

Buckinghamshire County Council and Leap collaborated on a new, microsite. The initiative was to encourage physical movement in young children through showcasing fun and creative activities; as studies showed this would significantly improve the chances of children staying active and confident in their adult years. Following rigorous research across two years and participation of 55 registered childcare settings and schools, the council collected a catalogue of lesson plans and resources.   


To deliver their campaign, we helped them build a microsite called ‘Move to Improve’; a place where nursery staff, parents, and teachers can find lessons to educate fundamental movement skills for children aged 3-7 years old.  



Project Brief 

At Framework Digital we worked closely with the Buckinghamshire County Council to deliver brand identity and content effectively. The microsite needed an exciting personality to represent our young audience, while remaining impartial and organised for a range of adults, from parents to class teachers, to adopt with ease. To do this, we liaised with the council’s team of graphic designers, digital and copy content creators. 


Website customisations were needed to create a user-friendly experience for our target audience. Understanding our audience was primarily busy adults, it was essential to embed a video for each lesson to allow easy digestion of the content.  Alongside a user-friendly approach, the foundational services to execute and maintain a website were requested, such as hosting, website analytics, and website admin training.  



Our Solution  

Based on our client needs, the main navigation reflected the goal of our users based on whether they were looking for inspiration on the home page, indoor or outdoor game lesson resources, whether they wanted to learn more about this initiative, or contact the council through a form.  


For indoor and outdoor games, lesson resources were organised in a similar method starting with a menu list of lessons and following onto a particular lesson based on user selection.  

For other pages, visual elements and brand colours were used to maintain design consistency across the website.  


Furthermore, staff were trained in WordPress admin so they could independently update content to keep up with current trends; alongside Google Analytics to observe and analyse user interaction.  



The Results 

During the pandemic, this website was an invaluable tool at a grand, national scale. As schools across the country closed in March 2020, there was a significant 200% increase in users as children worked hard to stay fit indoors.  


The positive impact of working collaboratively with council staff ensures our ongoing partnership as we continue to maintain the hosting and support for this microsite.  


You can visit Move to Improve  by clicking the link below. 



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