Smarten Up! Rethink your Website

This article is about our web design and development process that we suggest to follow when rethinking a web design project.

Rethink your Website

In case your website suffers from symptoms:

  • looks dated,
  • no longer reflects your business practices,
  • expensive or complicated to update,
  • fails to generate new enquiries,
  • is difficult to find in search engine listings,
  • has no functionality (can’t book, enquire, buy, donate etc)

it’s time to re-think your website.

How do you ensure your website stands out and delivers results?

There are over 1.5 billion websites on the World Wide Web today. How do you ensure your website stands out and delivers results?

A strong analogy is to consider your business website in the same light as your sales manager.

It needs to look the part, provide clear, relevant information and convert interest into custom.  If your sales manager turned up to a meeting in an ill-fitting suit, talking about a deal he struck a decade ago and carrying last year’s price list, things wouldn’t get off to a good start. Making a great first impression is as important online as it is in person. Potential customers could be visiting your website at any time, so you need to be confident that it delivers.

Reviewing your Current Website

A number of companies have approached Framework Digital in the knowledge that they aren’t generating leads through their website. They are unclear about where the problem lies, so they don’t know whether it is worth investing in a new website design. In short, they need insight.
An initial review can usually unveil a couple of small changes to improve the site. As part of our digital marketing consultancy services we also offer a detailed website review service. This is an in-depth look at the site, analytics data and performance in order to clearly identify what’s working and where problems lie. The information is provided to the company as a report, with our recommendations. It enables them to make an informed decision on the best way to progress.

Website Planning Meeting

When Framework Digital is invited in to discuss website development, it provides a great opportunity to rethink how the website operates. The majority of companies are keen to provide clear navigation and information for visitors, whilst minimising the manual processes for staff.

In gaining an understanding of the customer journey and related business processes, we can advise on ways to simplify the process. A common issue is complex processes for updating or adding website content; another is the transfer of data from the website to other information systems. System integration can resolve both of these challenges and enhance efficiency.

We are great problem solvers, so tell us what you want to achieve in terms of the look, feel and operation of your website and we’ll offer suggestions on how this can be realised.

Website Development

If we convince you with our proposal and quote, the next phase is website development. We aim to provide a positive user experience, as well as optimising your website for the search engines. Your branding will be incorporated into the design and the style targeted towards your ideal customers. If you want professional assistance with content, we can provide photography, copywriting and video production services.

Rethinking your website design isn’t about being bang on trend, but your website does need to keep pace with changing expectations. Rapid technological advances mean that a website that was built just a few years ago may no longer deliver what visitors want. As an absolute must, Framework Digital will ensure that your new website is optimised for search engine and mobile devices, quick to load and secure.

Launching the Website

When it is time to launch your website, we’ll meet and go through each page in detail. This is the time to make final adjustments and approval for the site to go live. In this meeting, we’ll show you how to undertake common website administration.

Framework Digital will undertake all necessary steps to put your new site live and take your current site down, with minimal impact. Once live, we’ll check that every link and process works as it should before you formally announce the launch of your new company website.

After-launch Website Support

The launch shouldn’t be seen as the end of the process. As you and your visitors start using the site, you may need a little assistance with getting to grips with the details. Feedback might inform you of certain elements that could be improved, or you may have technical queries. With Framework Digital’s pre-paid support service, you know that we are on hand to provide advice or sort things out.

Framework Digital reviewing and problem-solving approach will ensure that you have a website that looks good, works effectively and generates leads.

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