Free Google Ads Tool : Google Ads Transparency Center

Here you will learn about a free tool called Google Ads Transparency. This tool can help you find inspiration to optimise your Google advertisements.
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Best free tool to help optimise your Google advertisements.


Here you will learn about a free tool that helps you find inspiration to optimise your Google advertisements. We’ll provide some background to what Google Ads Transparency is, how to use it and how you can access the tool.



What is Google Ads Transparency?

Google ads Transparency is a software that allows you to access active ads that have been published through Google. It allows you to search up a company’s name and see any ads they currently have active. This will only be if they have completed the advertiser verification or if they haven’t served ads in the past 365 days.

It enables you to filter your search to show ads in a certain time frame, region or format. The format can be either text, image or video-based advertisements.

The ads transparency centre aims to provide you with more information about an advertiser. The ads you see is from Google requiring advertisers to go through the global advertiser identity verification program. This was introduced in 2020 and requires google advertisers to verify information about their business, the location they operate and what they are selling. In 2021 Google started to let users access this information to create more transparency in the advertising space.



How Do I Use Google Ads Transparency?

When you reach the Google ads Transparency centre page you will be introduced to a search bar within the website. Above the search bar is 3 drop down options. These are named ‘any time’, ‘shown in’ and ‘all formats’. This allows to filter your search by date, region and ad format. When you have applied the appropriate filters search a company’s name and browse through their advertisements.


How Do I access Google Ads Transparency?

You can access the Google ads transparency centre on any device online. To find the site, simply search ‘google ads transparency centre’. Or if you would like quicker access, click here.



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