Web Development Services


    Web development to help you succeed online. Get the digital presence you need to grow your business.

Web development is a complex combination of graphic design and technology

Achieving a successful online marketing strategy requires considerably more than having a website built.

For many prospective customers, your website is their first, and often only, impression of your business. For this reason, investment in online marketing is essential for business growth.

Website development process begins with planning and consultation.

The first step is to understand the market that you are in, so you know what needs to be achieved in order to realise success. We will undertake in-depth market research to ensure you recognise the competition and understand what your potential customers are really searching for. We can then recommend key phrases, website features and SEO approaches that will allow you to conquer this specific online market.

At Framework Digital, we work with you to clarify the purpose of your website. You may simply be looking to bring an existing site up to speed with mobile responsive technology or you may aspire to something new. Your website might need to be your primary point of sale, or it could be a brochure site that signposts visitors to a physical store, or encourages them to get in touch. By pinpointing the purpose, we can build you a website that matches your requirements.

We then start to plan the layout and navigation of your web pages, so they successfully attract, engage and guide your target customers towards your desired outcome. We will work with you to create fully optimised content that accurately reflects your business and sets you aside from the competition.

With plans in place, execution of the website build can begin.

Framework digital has the technical knowledge and graphic design skills to expertly build a website that matches your requirements. All web development is carried out in-house and we will keep you up to date with progress.

Our service also includes setting up web hosting and transferring your existing domain if required. Your website will be optimised in order for it to be found and ranked by the search engines. We will also include web analytics in your website build, as this is the most effective way of measuring your website’s performance.

During the building stage we will also plan for the launch of the website and the ongoing SEO work that we will undertake in order to build the online presence of your web pages and move them up the search engine ranks. Your pages need to reach the top listings in order to be found by your ideal customers.

Post launch, we provide on-going support.

The launch of a website is only the start of the process. In much the same way as opening a physical store, you must then work to attract interest, engage potential customers, promote specific goods and services and build customer loyalty. Framework Digital can support you with achieving a strong and active online presence.

Most importantly, we will use web analytics to monitor the performance of your website and discuss measures which could enhance the effectiveness of your web pages. With your agreement we can implement changes which will boost the results that you can achieve with your online presence.