key words planning diagram

SEO Keywords Planning

Web Design project starts with SEO Keywords Planning

One To One Swimming School – Web Design Project – under construction right now (March 12, 2014)

Web design is important, the aesthetic aspect of building a website is a key factor. Potential visitors are going to ‘judge the book by its cover’.
Good design may win a job in the first place. Wouldn’t you possibly be ready and invest more money into pleasant looking, custom made design?

But, how the potential viewers will come to your website and get imprest with an awesome Home Page?

SEO Keywords planning

We start the new website project with a quite not exciting research to answer vital questions.
What people (your potential viewers and customers) are likely to type into Google, Yahoo or Bing to find the service or product your business sells or promotes?

Example: One to One Swimming School
swimming school, swimming lesson or swimming lessons
lessons for children or lessons for kids, adult swimming lessons or swimming lessons for adults

And  so on and on until we got the winners – that’s the step number of the web design keywords planning

key words planning diagram

How SEO Keywords Planning would help to develop successful website.


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