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Almost every company has a website, but not every website is operating as an effective business tool.
If your company doesn’t seem to generate any new leads through your website, you may doubt its value. Before you get disheartened, there is a Web Analytics & Report Service we offer, that could be used to improve the performance of your website.

Read on and find out more about web analytics – insights that matter.

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is the practice of collecting, processing, measuring, analysing and reporting online data for the purposes of understanding how a web site is used by its visitors and how to optimise its usage. The focus of web analytics is to understand users behaviour and activities.

With data collected from your website, you can see which areas of your website are effective and more importantly where improvements can be made. You can find out how many people are reaching your site via social media or other sites. You can then make informed decisions about where to focus your search engine optimisation (SEO) activity.

Analysing data can help you stay ahead of the competition, provide more of what your prospects and customers want and maximise business opportunities.

Collecting data from your website is a relatively easy process and can provide a wealth of valuable information. Rather than ditching your poorly performing website and starting from scratch, a few data informed updates could be enough to transform its ability to attract and convert visitors.

Why would I need Web Analytics?

When it comes to websites, many small business owners tend to share the view that when it is build, this is it – job done – we are on-line, open up for business. But to determine success, you must find a way to measure and improve.

Just having a website is not enough. To get the most out of your investment you need to track visitors and monitor what they do when they get there. You can then use this data to improve your website.

  • What to track with web analytics

    Basic factors like number of visitors, counts of pages previewed per visitor, visit duration, bounce rate.
    Knowing how your visitors found your site is crucial, because it enables you to identify which of your online marketing activities are effective. The results can show whether visitors arrived via a link on another site, pay-per-click advertising, an email or a search engine.
    Web analytics can show you where in the world your website traffic is coming from, to include major cities and even towns, so you can see if you receive a surge in traffic from a new country or region.
    Website traffic flow report is a visual diagram in the form of connected blocks. It represents the journey through your whole website. Where visitors starts, what is happening next and at what point visits ends.
  • Monitor how visitors use your site

    How much time visitors spend on particular pages, to determine how you can make your site more user-friendly.
    Where visitors are coming from. One of the main ways websites receive traffic is from links on other sites. These are called ‘referrers’ and their data is very valuable.
    For instance, if you are investing your time (and possibly money) on social media activities you may want to see how does this efforts converts in increasing traffic on your website. What pays back well and what actually does not.
    Web analytics relating to search can often be enlightening because visitors may be arriving via keywords and searches you’re not aware of. This same principles applied to your website content – you may get surprised which page is the most popular or where visitors are most likely to stop browsing and quit.
  • So, what next?

    The point is to get the results of your web analysis, interpret data and make a list of improvements – action points.
    Although web analytics can seem overwhelming at first, it can reveal highly valuable data. To get the most out of web analytics contact us for the initial consultation and choose the right package.
    The key point of website analytic is to identify trends and come up with ideas to improve your website’s performance.

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