Small business website

How much for a small business website?

An online presence is crucial to a small business, but getting it wrong can do more damage than good.

Despite the enthusiasm to get online, most of the small business websites simply aren’t fit for purpose in today’s digital age. The vast majority of micro-businesses are using sites that are based on out-of-date technology. They tend to be “static”, limited to five pages and offer no content management. Hence, they can’t perform basic but essential marketing tasks, such as posting photos and publishing customer testimonials.

Why a good website is vital for small businesses?

The end result is their site ranks very low on a Google search – and even when they do attract visitors, they rarely convert them to paying customers as they project a poor image online. These businesses are effectively operating off-line and are missing huge opportunities to grow.

UK statistics (source: The Guardian, January 2014) show that  90% want to do more in this area – but most don’t know how they can start the process without spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

With this in mind, 틀 FRAMEWORK DIGITAL has put together an offer: setting up your website and support how to use it.

Small business website:

  • 1h – meeting – gathering details about your business, products, services and assessing your needs (or listening to your requirements),
  • after the meeting we will come back to you with a detailed quotation,
  • initial website design and structure,
  • booking domain name, hosting and email,
  • 14 days lead time
  • 2h meeting – dot the i’s and cross the t’s – training how to use your website, setting up your mobile to get emails.

Price depends on many factors e.g.

  • can you supply us with the copy (about your company, about your products or services)?
  • have you got a selection of photographs (products, portrait, office)
  • number of pages required
  • additional elements (photo gallery, contact us form, custom design graphic elements, booking and taking payments feature)
  • level of search engine optimisation (SEO)

From £350 to £1200 plus annual web and email hosting £72 (website and one email address) – £250 (unlimited email, support, web analytics reports)

When you would like to book an appointment please call: 01296 769 369