How to Prevent Petya Ransomware Attack

Petrwrap/Petya cyberattack is the latest in a series of powerful ransomware which deny access to a computer system.
Petya or Petrwrap is affecting Windows computers and computer systems across the world.
  1. open attachments in unsolicited e-mails, even if they come from people in your contact list,
  2. never click on a URL contained in an unsolicited e-mail, even if the link seems genuine.
In order to prevent infection:
  1. apply patches to Windows systems
  2. perform regular backups of all critical information,
  3. block the attachments of file types: exe|pif|tmp|url|vb|vbe|scr|reg|cer|pst|cmd|com|bat|dll|dat|hlp|hta|js|wsf
  4. disable macros in Microsoft Office products.
  5. restrict users’ abilities (permissions) to install and run unwanted software applications.

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