Inbound Marketing Software Platforms

Inbound Marketing Software Options


1. Hubspot

Best inbound marketing appsHubspot has positioned itself as the go-to solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Hubspot’s all-in-one functionality allows you to blog, create lead capture forms, control social media, and monitor your success from a single interface. The package also includes SEO features.

2. Marketo

Best inbound marketing appsMarketo is a high-end inbound marketing software that focuses on the B2B space.

The software collects data that’s used to create detailed customer profiles. Marketo demands a high level of technical expertise and is most popular with large enterprise scale customers.

3. Eloqua

ORACLE – Eloqua is an integrated solution that allows you to build a custom lead database, execute campaigns, score leads, and measure your marketing’s impact.

The platform features an advanced lead segmentation system that allows you to cut data by demographics, behavioral targets, or other preferences.  This product is also leading the way in integrating inbound marketing packages with Cloud-based technology.

4. Pardot

sale force – Pardot is a B2B inbound marketing software, integrates easily with existing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns by providing intuitive lead capture forms to drive traffic.

It also connects with your social media marketing efforts and email marketing campaigns, and allows for automated lead flow to the right salesperson within your organization.