How to increase traffic to your website using Instagram

The easiest way to increase traffic is right under your nose and yet you’ve failed to take advantage of it (sometimes more than once!). Yes, I am talking about Instagram. In this highly technologically advanced world people find new ways to promote their business.

Instagram for Business

Of the myriad advantages of Instagram, it can also be used to increase traffic.I have compiled a list of techniques which can be followed to promote your website using Instagram. They are as follows
1. Post appealing photos and videos
Picture this: you are in the middle of a hectic day and you take a five minute break to get your mind off things. You check your instagram account and come across a motivating picture. Obviously it will make you feel better. Your post might be the best thing a person will see all day, you’ll never know. So always post eye-catching pictures and make sure videos are less than a minute long.
2. Make your own mark
The old saying goes like this “First impression is the best”. The attention span of your followers is very short because they are bombarded with various other posts. So it is up to you to grab their attention within a limited time frame. Get your creative juices flowing and make things interesting; it’s time to make your own mark.
3. Increase traffic using link
In posts and comments you can include links, but the user has to memorize the link in-order to visit the page, so most people ignore it. Thankfully, Instagram allows one clickable link in your bio. Make good use of it. Mention your websites link or a blog page which will be helpful to increase traffic. Use tools like Bitly link or vanity URL so you can track every click.
4. Be proactive
If you want your customers to be loyal to your brand, use Instagram. You have to show true commitment and get your followers to trust your brand. Regularly interact with your customers by asking questions, comment and like on your follower’s posts and reply to all of the comments in your posts as well.

5. Usage of hastags
Enough has been said about the usage of hashtags. If you are researching more on Instagram, there will be at least one short note about the importance of hashtags. You have to experiment with hashtags and make sure it is relevant to your post. Study your audience and keep up with latest trends and mention popular tags in your posts.
6. Event details
You have to start the promotional activities of the event a month before the actual event. Give them a sneak-peek of what you have planned. It will increase the curiosity of your followers. People will visit your website to know more about the event, which results in increased traffic.
So getting more people to visit your website is not nuclear physics. Instagram is one of the best tools available to make your brand famous. Concentrate on posting informative pictures and videos and stay in touch with your followers. Remember, it shouldn’t be just about getting results. Enjoy the journey and have some fun on the way!

Sara George

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