How to remove the map from Facebook business page?

Do you wish to remove the map from Facebook business page?


Some companies aren’t very keen on being ‘local’. That’s of course nothing wrong to hide the address if that is not relevant to potential visitors. Sometimes, it is just simply due to the fact that company registered address isn’t this same as where they are operating from. Far from being local, officially registered address may be a misleading piece of information and turn the visitor away.

Follow the instruction below, if you need to remove from the Facebook business page.

It is simple:

Business Page > Settings > Page Info > Address > Edit > Turn the map off by unchecking the box – done.



1. Go to the Business Page that you can manage as an administrator. You have to be an admin to change the address on the map.

2. Locate the element that is displaying the map and business address


3. Click on ‘See All”


4. You should see that. Find, on the right, ‘Edit Page Info’  and click that.



5. Next screen has 4 tabs on the top. Go to ‘Location’ tab and there you have few options to control your map and address details.

a. Has a street address (YES/NO)

b. Customers visit my business  (YES/NO)

c. My business delivers goods – that means no address pin on the map to display. The circle that indicates the range where you operate would be visible on the map.