Google AdWords campaign – before and after

Getting the Best Returns from your Google Adwords Campaign


With ever increasing numbers of potential customers using the internet to research and purchase products and services, more businesses are realising the importance of online advertising. Although it is not the only option, the most popular online advertising is Google Adwords.

Setting up and running a small Google Adwords campaign is a relatively straight forward task. With a little help from either Google tutorial or Google agent anyone can pick up the basics. The process of setting up an Adwords campaign is highly automated and you will probably feel a sense of achievement when you hit the start button and your campaign is launched.


Before starting the process, you need to decide your maximum monthly budget (when your budget is spent, your advert will no longer show, so you remain in control of the spend). Although Google Adwords will make some suggestions, you may also want to consider which keywords you want to use. It is when these keywords are typed into the search engine that your advert will show.

When you set up Google Adwords, you type in your website address and the automated process will begin. Google will scan you website, figure out what’s your business is about, pick up the keywords, suggest the top bid to beat competitors, estimate the traffic and even let you increase your daily budget by only X pounds to get Z more visitors coming to your website. Google will ask you to fill a payment details and your maximum budget will remain the same each month.

Why pay a professional ?

With a process that is so simple and efficient, it can seem like a cost saving plan to set up your own Google Adwords campaign, rather than pay a professional to do it, so what are the advantages of engaging the services of Framework Digital?

Whilst there is no need for complex technical skills with Google Adwords, we have the professional knowledge, experience and time to use a manual set up process in place of the automated system. This can transform a good campaign an excellent campaign.

To get the best returns from your adverts, Google Adwords also needs to be regularly monitored. Even with the best intentions, most business owners do not have the time to commit to this task. Google Adwords offers a wealth of data, which can be analysed and this data can then inform changes to the campaign that will lower the cost per click and increase the click through rate.

At Framework Digital we offer a Google Adwords manual set up and management service. This includes close monitoring of your campaign and analysis of data. We use this information to make regular adjustments which will ensure that you are using the best keywords at the right time and reaching the target client. With our expertise, you can achieve the best return on your investment.


How have we helped ?

Despite paying for our services, we have helped a number of customers to get real value for money. An example is a customer who had set Google Adwords up and was paying £1.25 for every click. We were able to reduce this to £0.54 per click, meaning the monthly budget would go far further and more than twice as many potential clients could see and click onto the advert. This had a positive impact on sales and profits.

With Framework Digital you can be sure of a professional and great value service that will deliver the best returns on your Google Adword campaign.

If your company is looking to start online advertising, or you want to improve an existing campaign, please get in touch.