Free Website For Local Charity

Free Website For Local Charity

Framework Digital is keen to support the next generation of digital enthusiasts and our team is also committed to supporting local charities. We’ve developed an idea which allows us to do both!

We’re offering local charitable organisations the chance to have a website designed, built and published at minimal costs. The work will be carried out by IT students from Bucks UTC. Framework Digital will support the students when they meet the charity to discuss the brief and at every stage of the design and development process.

This approach allows us to provide the students with a real and relevant brief, genuine deadlines and the experience of working to a customer’s requirements. It develops the skills that they are learning in the classroom and helps them to understand how their learning will apply in the real world.

For the charity involved, it is an opportunity to get a fully functioning website for the cost of a domain name (if required) and an annual hosting fee. No charges are made for the web design work, so this is ideal for small charities with limited funding.

We have keen students lined up, so if your charity trustees have a clear idea of what you want from your website and you have the time to meet and brief the students, please get in touch. We can accommodate a limited number of projects each year.

Contact us for more details 01296769369

Framework Digital has experience of working with established charities on larger projects or more complex websites. These aren’t suitable for the students to work on, but we are happy to quote for your web design, copywriting and digital marketing requirements.